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A Young Italian Entrepreneur In New York City – Video Interview –

A Young Italian Entrepreneur In New York City

Sometime we are wondering what happened with that sweet friend from dance classes (when we were still dancing) or that special teacher that add a special touch in our life.

Sometime I am wondering what happened to all those chefs, restaurateurs, busboys and General Managers that I met during my Brindiamo!

I know that the hospitality business is a business that challenging you everyday, if you are a restaurateur you need always be on top of everything, you need to be classic but also trendy, you need to keep happy your old clients but also find the way to attract the new generation.

Chefs and General Manager instead are always looking for the next big experience to live, so they travel around the world bringing their passion for Italy and Italian food always with them.

In this post today you will learn more about Alessandro Fagorzi, a young Italian gentleman with big dreams in his draw.

I met Alessandro Fagorzi when he was only 22 years old while I was filming one of my very first TV show at IL POSTINO restaurant.

In this little interview we are meeting Alessandro at DEL POSTO Ristorante, where he has been working for the past 7 years, and then we are going to visit Marco Maccioni at his ” LE CIRQUE Restaurant to learn more about Alessandro’s experience with the Maccioni’s family.

But you are going to learn much more , so enjoy the show.



Ornella Fado

Ornella Fado is an Italian TV personality living in New York City​. She is the founder of OK Productions LLC, a media productions company based in NY. She is also the creator of all the aspects of the Brindiamo! brand, including the Television show that has been broadcast on NYC TV since 2005.

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