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L’Arte del Gelato – New York – USA

Our story begins in a small town in Sicily,a lan 75 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10011, USA
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L’Arte del Gelato – New York – USA

I was born in a small Sicilian town, not far from Palermo, called Baucina. The few hundred inhabitants there seem to be from another era — with that warm, simple lifestyle for which Italy is known the world over. Having finishing my schooling and military service, it unfortunately became clear to me that my little town offered few work possibilities. So, fueled perhaps by the same American Dream that over the years had enticed countless Sicilian families, I set off for the United States.

I soon found work as a diamond cutter, and toiled away at that trade for 12 years until I realized I was somehow completely unfulfilled. Happy memories of my childhood made me think that this had something to do with my Italian heritage and I sensed a desire to relive it and share it with others. What better way to recall our traditions and our culture than through food? Thus my decision to change my life and to take up a career that was so very dear to me – that of good, wholesome, traditional Italian food.

L’Arte del Gelato was born of my commitment to producing an artisanal gelato in the Italian tradition – a fresh, all-natural product made from the highest quality ingredients. Industrial gelato is simply not our thing. For instance, we’d never dream of using ready-made bases, only what we make by hand. Therefore you won’t find harsh, artificial colors in our gelaterie – just what comes naturally.

We are inspired by the famous Italian gelaterie, born in the early 70’s, that continue to draw customers from all over the world. Just as they were symbols of the great economic rebirth and promise of post-war Italy, we strive to symbolize an authentic, completely natural, and of course, delicious product.

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75 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10011, USA

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