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Chef Mauro Trabalza- Roma – Italy

Chef Mauro loves to promote his roman culture and flavors. Via di Ponte Quattro Capi, 16 00186 Roma

Chef Mauro Trabalza- Roma – Italy

His story starts about 30 years ago. He loves to promote his roman culture and flavors. Mauro Trabalza discovered his love for cooking when he was a young boy growing up in his native city of Rome, Italy. He would run home from school to his grandmother’s restaurant, Sora Lella, on the Tiberina Island, the oldest part of Rome. He learned the secrets of his family’s cooking by watching his grandmother prepare her special creations He was fascinated by what his father, Chef Aldo Trabalza, could create by putting together even the simplest ingredients and by the incessant chatter in many different languages coming from the dining room. But cooking was not the only hereditary influence he felt. Part of his family was big in the film industry, so he decided to study movie editing, certain that he would end up working on big productions as soon as he developed the right skills. Mauro says he wasn’t really into working in a restaurant at first. He was 19 and was dreaming of Hollywood. But his enthusiasm was contagious. He moved from only caring about wines to taking care of the dining room and finally transferring into the kitchen. Now he finds it to be the most relaxing place, a place where he can create and leave room for inspiration.
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Via di Ponte Quattro Capi, 16 00186 Roma

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