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Ulivo – New York – USA

Olive oil is the essential building block shared by all Italian recipes 4 west 28th street New York,N.Y. 10001
tel: 212 684 8000
Sun to Thur 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Fri and Sat 11:30 a.m. to Midnight. ( 365 days )

Ulivo – New York – USA

Olive oil is the essential building block shared by all Italian recipes and, as such, there can be exquisite Italian cuisine only when top-quality olive oil is being used in the kitchen.

Fabio Camardi and chef Emanuel Concas launched Ulivo with the desire to research and source the best Italian olive oils, as well as the finest cheeses and cured meats the Italian market has to offer today. Fabio and Emanuel’s extensive network of importers and specialty distributors enables them to regularly sample extra virgin olive oils from Apulia, Sicily, and Tuscany, along with the most delectable Apulian fresh cheeses – such as stracciatella, burratine and fior di latte – and the best Sardinian aged cheeses – such as Pantaleo and Fiore Sardo – accompanied by the ever-present pane carasau!
Nevertheless, Fabio and Emanuel’s creation of a superb dining experience does not end with the selection of the finest Italian ingredients. In fact, motivated and inspired by the extremely successful seven-year (and counting) run of their first establishment – Mercato Trattoria in Hell’s Kitchen – Fabio and Emanuel decided to up the ante when planning for their sophomore restaurant, Ulivo

The significant investments made in outfitting the two kitchen spaces present at Ulivo allowed them to purchase and import from Italy the professional pasta machines and related bronze dies necessary to extrude a myriad of Italian pasta shapes.
Accordingly, Ulivo Trattoria – Pastificio, aims at setting itself apart from the idea of the “typical Italian restaurant” that can be spotted on countless New York City blocks. Instead, it seeks to build its identity around the vision of a culinary breeding ground in which ingredients, savors, and aromas are researched, experimented with, discussed and perfected before delighting the palate and senses of the clientele. The latter plays a central role in this framework seeing as the constant interaction with customers and their invaluable feedback are what drives all the staff at Ulivo to keep raising the bar and delivering an ever-improving level of service and hospitality.

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4 west 28th street New York,N.Y. 10001

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