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Il Ristorante di Peppe Zullo – Foggia – Italy

The Right Food - The Right Food": this will be the theme at the center of the 22nd Meeting with Daunia Via Dante Alighieri, 52, 71121 Foggia FG, Italy
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Il Ristorante di Peppe Zullo – Foggia – Italy

The Peppe Zullo Restaurant stands next to Nuova Sala Paradiso and is the seed from which everything originated. It is open every day at lunchtime and in the evening we prefer to give space to the many, great restaurants in the country.

However, it is possible to agree on special events. Here you can enjoy all the seafood specialties and spend a wonderful afternoon with the excellent seasonal food prepared by Peppe Zullo and his team in the beautiful view kitchen. After lunch, if you wish, you can visit the vineyard and the cellar below or take a walk through the lovely Orsara, beautiful in all seasons. And if you’re tired you can always choose to stay in the suites to start the next day.

According to Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food, is a “chef-farmer who has been able to return to his land the pride he deserves.” For Oscar Farinetti, creator of Eataly, Peppe Zullo is one of the best ambassadors of Puglia’s excellence in the world. There are a lot of witnesses to the journey undertaken over the last 30 years by this extraordinary interpreter of Italian cuisine. The study and care about the quality and traceability of raw materials, the rediscovery of the most authentic values of Mediterranean tradition and food as an element of happiness together are the main road on which Peppe Zullo continues to produce dreams and reality in the taste of taste. The Peppe Zullo farm, its restaurant, reception rooms, the cellar and the cooking school are the most appetizing and mature fruits of a constantly evolving history.

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Via Dante Alighieri, 52, 71121 Foggia FG, Italy

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