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Da Tuccino – Bari – Italy

Tuccino Restaurant, a long story made of sea, heart and hands. Via S. Caterina, 69/F, Polignano a Mare, Italy
tel: +39 080 4241560.
Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday. Open at dinner on Monday. Lunch 12:30 - 15:30 / Price 20:00 - 23:30

Da Tuccino – Bari – Italy

Since 1968, in our restaurant in Polignano a Mare, we bring to the table the excellence.
Tuccino Restaurant, a long story made of sea, heart, and hands.

I’ve been to Tuccino several times. Elegant room overlooking the sea and a very nice harbor. The menu offers many delicacies ready to satisfy the most demanding palates: from raw to the first, from the second to the dessert. Various types of fish (even some details) fresh and of good quality. Plates prepared with excellent genuine ingredients. My favorite dish for excellence is the squirrels of black sepia with shrimps and zucchini flower for years. In addition to the excellence of the menu, a good wine list. Collection of vintage and precious Italian and world wines. Professional staff …

I had been organizing a dinner from TUCCINO for a long time, but I was expecting an important opportunity, and here’s what I’m going to celebrate on Wednesdays to celebrate with my girlfriend. I claim that I eat a bit of everything that concerns fish dishes, she a little less. Just arrived, the staff welcomed us in the best way as well as young Vito (the owner), but behind the mastery and teachings of grandfather and father Pasquale, great person and always the unbeatable point of reference many chefs and restaurateurs. I chose a selection of oysters so you can taste them all, of course, they were the best. Only two courses of appetizer, light and prepared at the moment, and after choosing an egg, the clever hands of the chefs served us a delicious tartar with figs and almonds and one on chives. I tasted in all the restaurants, but only a few liked it so much. As first of the clams, clams, simple and tasty. A steamy sea oatmeal with sweet and savory. Price is proportionate to quality. The owners of the hand and finally I had the pleasure of knowing Pasquale, MAESTRO of the fish in Polignano a Mare. I hope to return there soon.

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Via S. Caterina, 69/F, Polignano a Mare, Italy

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