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Welcome to the Brindiamo! Guide Blog

Brindiamo! Guide: Italian lifestyle and food blog

Hello and welcome to my very first BLOG!

Let me introduce myself – my name is Ornella Fado and I am the creator, producer, and hostess of a TV show called Brindiamo!

In Italian”Brindiamo” means “lets’ toast”. For the past 12 years I have been toasting to great chefs and authentic  Italian restaurants in my lovely New York City!

I have also produced many Brindiamo! specials in Italy, Canada and the beautiful island of Bermuda.
Brindiamo! has been on air since October 2005 on NYC MEDIA  and has been unbelievable growing experience for me as a person a business woman, and artist.

Brindiamo! Guide is a new web platform that features the most authentic and delicious Italian eateries in the world. It will allow users to search and gain information on authentic Italian venues. The site will also feature interviews, recipes, blogs and tips on how to have a tasteful Italian experience. The Brindiamo! Guide is an exiting ongoing project. Visit us everyday for new blogs and new venues.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all, and I hope that my tasty little suggestions can help you to “LIVE YOUR LIFE IN A BUBBLY WAY”!
I have so much more to tell you, and so I am going to dig into my media library and I will share with you my favorite restaurants and chefs, inserting recipes and interviews that I filmed in these 12 fantastic years of making of Brindiamo!
For now BRINDIAMO! and I’ll see you very soon!
P.S. If you enjoy my show and can understand my Italian accent I am sure you’ll be willing to forgive the occasional typo in this blog  😉

In this video below I am at Gracie Mansion during the Italian Heritage Day, where I am a guest speaker and I had the honor to be introduced by our former mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Ornella Fado

Ornella Fado is an Italian TV personality living in New York City​. She is the founder of OK Productions LLC, a media productions company based in NY. She is also the creator of all the aspects of the Brindiamo! brand, including the Television show that has been broadcast on NYC TV since 2005.

  • Diane DeNise

    Over the years, i have enjoyed spending many a Saturday afternoon watching Brindiamo!
    Your excitement and fun introduction to restaurants and their award winning chefs is priceless.
    I am thrilled that you now have a blog and will be sharing so much more with us.
    Ornella, you are truly an advocate of bringing Italian Culture to life, and your “accent” makes it extra “bubbly!”

    May 11, 2017 at 3:01 pm Reply

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