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Video Interview: Rossella Rago “Cooking with Nonna”

Video Interview: Rossella Rago “Cooking with Nonna”

I invited Rossella Rago to be our guest at the Grand Opening of Orologio & Bellucci at the Michelangelo Hotel on September 12 – 2017.

Because our event was dedicated to the victims of hurricane Harvey I asked Rossella to donate her own autographed cook book “Cooking with Nonna” . The book is collection of traditional recipes prepared by her own nonna and all the nonne featured in the online successful cooking show “Cooking with Nonna“.

Because I know that many of you would like to know more about “Rossellina” here a lovely interview filmed at the Michelangelo Hotel, where Rossella Rago is telling me more about this adventure and how her whole family, father, mother, nonna, cousins are involved in the process of the success of “Cooking with Nonna”.

Brava Rossella! I toast to you and to many years of success with Cooking with Nonna or should I say Brindiamo!







Ornella Fado

Ornella Fado is an Italian TV personality living in New York City​. She is the founder of OK Productions LLC, a media productions company based in NY. She is also the creator of all the aspects of the Brindiamo! brand, including the Television show that has been broadcast on NYC TV since 2005.

  • Laura molly

    I would love to read about traditional recipe, by the way what is “Nonna”

    January 12, 2018 at 3:05 am Reply

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