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About Us

About Us

Ornella Fado is the founder of OK PRODUCTIONS LLC a media productions company based in New York City, she is also the hostess, creator, and producer of the only TV show about Italian restaurants and lifestyle in the U.S., called “Brindiamo! – A Toast to the Finest Italian Restaurants,” broadcasted on NYC-TV, channel 25, since 2005, making Brindiamo! one of the longest-running show on the channel.

Ms. Fado created the TV show with a mission on her mind, showcasing the finest and most authentic Italian restaurants in America with many specials from Italy, Canada and Bermuda, she wanted to bring a touch of Italy directly in your living room.

Ms. Fado has been a pioneer in the cooking /lifestyle TV show.
Cooking show was mostly filmed in studios, but Brindiamo! was the first TV series filmed directly in the restaurant’s kitchen giving a more dynamic experience to the show, she also adds a touch of fashion with her trendy outfits and a touch of culture and lifestyle with celebrity guess.

The Brindiamo! Guide, is the new upcoming project of OK PRODUCTIONS, a natural choice for Ms. Fado that for many years has been filming, successful Italian restaurants for her TV show. The opening of a new restaurant is always a very exciting news Ms. Fado said especially for NewYorkers that are always in search of the next new and great venue in the city OK Productions LLC make sure that each new venue is the talk of the town. The Brindiamo! Guide will keep you updated with the new upcoming Italian chefs, new authentic Italian restaurants, gelateria, pizzeria, in the most lively city in the world.

The Brindiamo! Guide is a collection of established and newcomers authentic Italian restaurants in the city, and the world as well as their specialty and signature dishes, their operation time and how to get there.

What really sets apart the Brindiamo! Guide is the spirit and the attitude. The goal is to have all the venues listed in the Brindiamo! Guide come together to support “10,000 Gardens in Africa”.  The project organized by Slow Food, builds clean, fair, and local gardens in communities in Africa. The organization has created about 3,000 Food Gardens in Africa since 2010.

The Brindiamo! Guide website also features information regarding the Brindiamo! Club Card. The Brindiamo! Club Card is membership-based, offering special promotions and discounts to members at several fine dining establishments, with many more venues to come.

The Brindiamo! community is ready to create many more beautiful gardens in African schools and communities. Ornella Fado and the members of the Brindiamo! Guide want to take part in the program’s mission by raising awareness among young generations about food biodiversity and to train a network of experts to appreciate their land and their products for a better future —all with the Slow Food project.